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The following are suggested steps for downloading files from the Internet.

Step 1 - Create a folder for downloaded files
Create a folder on your computer where you can save downloaded files, for example, C:\DOWNLOAD.

I also find it handy to create a document containing the downloaded file name and a description of that file that I call DLFiles.doc.  This is helpful to identify the downloaded file at a later date.

Step 2 - Download the file
Download the program by clicking on the download link.
When your browser prompts you, choose the "Save" or "Save to Disk" option.
Change to the C:\DOWNLOAD folder and use the default filename(e.g.
GolfTS.EXE). The file will then be saved as C\DOWNLOAD\GolfTS.EXE.

Step 3 - Installing the program
After the file is downloaded, use the Windows Explorer program to display the downloaded file and click on it. With the file named GolfTS.EXE selected, select Run from the File menu. This will start the process of installing Golf Tournament Scorekeeper.

Running the program
To run the program after installing it, click on Start and then click on Programs. You should see a menu item for the program that has just been installed.

The file gives me an error when I try to install it!
In some cases, you may not get the entire file when you download it or the file could be corrupted during the download.
If the download site provides an approximate size of the download file, you can compare it to the size of the file that was saved to your computer. If the file on your computer is smaller, the download may have ended prematurely.  The problem may be solved if you attempt to download the file again. In some cases, you may be able to resume the download where you left off, or you may have to delete the incomplete file from your DOWNLOAD folder, and try downloading it a 2nd time.

As an alternative to downloading the files, Home Alone Software will mail you a CDROM containing fully functioning 30 day demo versions of all our software for $6.95. If you decide to purchase the software, you will be given a registration code to convert the demo versions into full retail versions.

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