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Can Golf Tournament Scorekeeper be used for individual scoring only with no teams involved?

Yes. If you do not wish to have team scoring, just set the Team Scoring Method in the Tournament screen to none. You will usually enter the individual scores whether you want team scores or not, and the team scores will be calculated based on the settings in the Tournament screen. However if you select certain team scoring methods, such as Scramble, there are no individual scores so only team scorecards will be available.


Can I save a tournament and load it into another computer?

Yes. When you select Start � Programs � Golf Tournament Scorekeeper you will see a program named Utilities.  This program is used to repair a corrupted database and to make a backup copy of your database for safekeeping.  It is possible to backup the database from one computer to a floppy disk and restore the database to another computer.  Note that when you restore a database, it will overwrite the existing one.  Over time, the database will grow and may no longer fit on a floppy disk. Prior to attempting a backup, you could perform a Repair and Compact, which will reduce the size of the database.




Is there a limit to the number of golfers that the program will handle?

No. Actually, I set the limit at around 500 per day, which is more than the number of golfers that could possibly tee off on one golf course on one day.



Can I import data on members from another file such as Excel?

No. I have a program named Golf Index Calculator that is capable of updating the member database. This is the only program capable of doing this right now. However, I am willing to add a feature to import from various files. Contact me with information on your file and I will try to incorporate it. I would like to begin by importing the output of popular handicap programs or spreadsheet formats, if you are aware of any.



Can the program create pairings where golfers are not paired with each other more than once?

No. I have a program named Golf Mixer that attempts to do this. I have found this to be a very complex problem and for now, Golf Mixer is limited to creating foursomes, while Golf Tournament Scorekeeper allows teams of 2 to 6 golfers. I hope to integrate Golf Mixer into Golf Tournament Scorekeeper in the future.



Will the scores that I enter update the members� handicap or do I have to do it manually?

No. I have a program named Golf Index Calculator that is capable of updating the member database. There is no simple method to enter various round scores into Golf Tournament Scorekeeper that were not part of a Golf Tournament Scorekeeper tournament.  I will have to add that capability along with the index calculation capability and I plan to do this in a future version.



What is the difference between teams and pairings?

Teams are made up of the golfers whose scores are used to come up with a team score. Pairings are made up of the golfers that walk around the course and golf together.  It may be clearer if I used the term foursomes instead of pairings but the pairings can have from 2 to 6 golfers. Members of a team do not have to golf together. Also, there could be two 2-man teams in one pairing.



Does Golf Tournament Scorekeeper calculate handicaps?

No. Golf Tournament Scorekeeper will take an existing index and convert it to a course handicap, based on the slope of the course, and apply it on a hole by hole basis but it will not calculate the original index. I have a program named Golf Index Calculator that is capable of updating the member database of Golf Tournament Scorekeeper.



Does your software work for 9-hole tournaments?

Golf Tournament Scorekeeper can be used for 9 hole tournaments although some features will not work.

The Peoria and Worst Holes(Callaway) systems require that all 18 holes be filled in so they can not be used.

If you just want to enter 9 holes and sort by gross score, there is no problem.

If you are using handicaps and calculating net scores, there could be a minor problem. Each hole on a golf course has a handicap ranging from 1 to 18, with 1 being the hardest and 18 the easiest. A golfer is given a handicap stroke on the hardest holes up to their handicap. In other words, if you had a 15 handicap, you would get 1 stroke on each of the 15 hardest holes.

Normally, the front 9 hole handicaps are the odd numbers and the back 9 are the even numbers. If you only play 9 holes (front 9), a person with a 15 handicap would get a stroke on the 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 hardest holes or 8 strokes in total. A person with a 16 handicap would get the same 8 strokes on the same 8 holes as a person with a 15 handicap, which is slightly unfair, because the 16th hardest hole falls on the back 9.

You should enter in a handicap based on 18 holes, because the program will effectively cut it in half. If all of the members have a handicap based on 9 holes, you can just double it and and enter that amount. In this case, the above situation would not be a problem because everyone would have an even numbered handicap



How do I set up the tournament to allow multiple rounds?

The lower right section of the Tournament screen has a setting for Number of Days/Rounds.  Set this to the desired number of rounds and save your changes. Then click on the Multiple Round Settings where you can select the golf course, team scoring method, etc. for rounds two and higher. If desired, you should create the teams/pairings for each of the rounds.



Does Golf Tournament Scorekeeper calculate Callaway handicaps?

The program calculates a 'Worst Holes' handicap using a calculation identical to the Callaway method. I do not call it a Callaway handicap due to copyright restrictions.

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