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Golf Tournament Scorekeeper, as the name suggests, is a program for the individual organizing a golf tournament and calculating the final standings. It handles several tasks from setting up pairings and tee times, to calculating leader board and skins results. The program is not suitable for tracking and analyzing your personal scores or calculating your handicap.

The following is an outline of some of the features of the software. If you have a question that is not covered and you don't want to download and install the software to find the answer, feel free to direct any questions you have to

Teams consist of the golfers whose scores are combined to determine a team score. Pairings consist of the golfers who physically golf together. Teams do not have to be the same as pairings. The number of members on a team or pairing can range from 2 to 6.
The pairings and teams can change from round to round.
Teams and pairings can be created manually or generated automatically based on:
-Random selection
-Handicap (Ascending, Descending or ABCD groups for balanced teams)
-Prior round gross or net score.

You can create as many flights as you like or golfers can be automatically slotted in to flights based on handicap or gross score.

Tee off schedules can be created and printed using a standard or shotgun start.

The slope method is supported, including the USGA method and a modified USGA method that uses the course par and rating to adjust a golfers course handicap.
Handicap percentages, minimums and maximums can be applied.
There are two methods of providing a handicap for the previously unhandicapped.

Stroke and Stableford scoring is supported.

The following team scoring methods, which can change from round to round, are available.
-Best 1,2,3 or 4 balls
-Chapman Foursomes
-Pro Am
-Hero Bum
-Total Score

Four methods of tie breaking are available:
-One hole retrogression
-Three hole retrogression
-Low Gross

You can maintain a database of courses.
Par, hole handicaps, slope and course rating for men and women can be entered for 1 to 4 tee boxes

Reports can be output to the screen, printer or even HTML format for publishing on your web home page. The following reports are available:
Golfers (Pairings)
-Sorted by Name, Pairing, Team or Course Handicap
Cart Signs
-Including handicap stroke allocation
Leader Board and Skins
-Flights (User defined, Auto flight by gross score or handicap)
-Fixed pot and carry over skins
-Selected round or multiround total (Leader board only)
-Prizewinners can be printed on a summary page or on individual labels.
-List or mailing labels

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