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Golf Mixer $24.95
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Golf Mixer attempts to create foursomes where you never golf with the same player twice.
Golf Mixer works great where new social or business connections are desirable, and adds parity to sporting events.

Generate foursomes for up to 10 rounds and up to 60 golfers with one of three methods.
-Generate all foursomes for all rounds with the click of a button. 
-Manually input round one, and then generate the remainder of the rounds.
-Generate rounds one at a time, allowing for a different set of golfers in each round.

Keep track of as many tournaments as you like. Tournaments can be added and deleted as desired.

A database of golfers is maintained. Foursomes will be created from golfers in the database. If a golfer will not be participating in a given tournament or round, you can mark them as being excluded, and they will not be put in a foursome.

Details (fine print)
The schedules that I refer to are the ones created by Golf Mixer in one step, not the ones that are generated one round at a time.
My measurement of a good schedule is based on a minimum of BAD PAIRINGS and ADJUSTED MATCHES.
A BAD PAIRING occurs when two golfers are in the same foursome and they were also in the same foursome in a prior round. If two schedules have the same number of BAD PAIRINGS, then the ADJUSTED MATCHES will be considered. When a golfer is matched with another golfer that was in his foursome in a prior round, a long elapsed time since the previous match is preferred to a short elapsed time. My formula for an ADJUSTED MATCH is 1 / (# of rounds since previous match) with all ADJUSTED MATCHES for a round being totaled.

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